Footscray 开发公司Cenvic Construction招聘预算师和合同撰写员各一名

Cenvicconstruction & projects/developments is currently looking to grow our teamby adding an outstanding architecture to the team. We have the capability to deliver multi story residential projects and are looking for a proven performerat this level. Youwill enjoy the opportunity to expand your skills, leading a team of highly talented and collaborative engineers and drafters through highly technical,major apartment projects.


This role requires an individual who is:
1. Estimating 预算
2. Preparing contracts or agreements for subcontractors or suppliers
3. Negotiate with suppliers and sub-contractors与分包商或供货商的谈判
4. Corresponding with architects, engineers与建筑师、工程师的协调沟通
5. Contract review合同审核
6. Contract Administration合同管理
7. Claim, variation Investigation索赔和变更的调查
8. Attend project meetings 参加项目会议
9. Track project costs跟踪项目成本
10. Site coordination现场的协调
Skills & experience required: 经验技术要求:
1. Qualifications in construction, engineering or a related degree with equivalent
knowledge, skills and experience.
2. 2 yrs + experience with a commercial builder in apartments. 2年以上商业公寓经验。
3. Ability to read and comprehend plans and specifications. 能够理解阅读图纸和规范。
4. Knowledge of estimating software will be well regarded. 最好能够有预算软件经验。
5. Ability to use Word, Excel programmes. 能够使用办公软件。
6. Fluent in both Chinese & English. 熟练使用中文和英文。

Please send in an application with a cover letter and resume, together with fullacademic transcripts and referral letters from academic or professionalreferees.
To apply, please direct all enquiries to


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